50 Ways

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October 19, 2008

50 ways to be a


Oh what a difference a few months make.

Here’s how to treat yourself now

 by Ruby Warrington


Burberry Prorsum’s feather dress Daryl K’s Recession Dress

Sunday brunch at the Wolseley DIY kippers with dijon butter, served on a tray with a napkin

A splurge at vintage boutique Relik Clearing out your granny’s attic

A spa date at your local Cowshed Perfect your pedicure technique on a mate – then get her to do you

The morning Starbucks runCoffee from a cafetière, with hot milk microwaved in a jam jar (half-full, lid off), then shaken until frothy

An all-nighter at Boujis Overnighter in Paris on Eurostar’s £42 Night Clubber trip

Afternoon tea at the Ritz A slug of rum in your Green & Black’s hot chocolate

New shoes New heels and soles for your old Jimmy Choos

Redecorating your bedroom Rearranging your bookshelves

A romantic mini-break A weekend’s worth of DVD box sets and takeaways

A hot tub for the garden An hour-long bath, while sipping a vodka tonic

Buying into the military look Changing the buttons on your winter coat

A Friday blow-dry A set of heated rollers stashed in your desk drawer

Dressing up and eating out Doing the housework in Myla lingerie

Vintage Dom Pérignon Sipping Magners cider from a champagne flute

An afternoon of shopping in the Harrods food hall Making the “homemade presents” in Nigella Christmas, then eating them all

YSL Flash Radiance Skincare Brush Boots No7 Skin Illuminator Brush

A full head of highlights DIY streaks à la Alice Dellal

Paying for therapy A chinwag with your mates

Laurent-Perrier rosé Sparkling Ribena

A weekly flower delivery from the florist Jane Packer A trip to the country to pick your own

Dry cleaning your statement blouse Airing it in the garden

Pan-Asian at XO DIY Pan-Asian with XO to Go

The 7/8 trouser length Chopping the bottoms off last season’s skinnies

Buying lots of purple clothes Dyeing everything purple

Upgrading to the new BlackBerry Bold Going blackberry picking

Eyelash extensions Big, fat trannie-style falsies

Shopping on Oxford Street Shopping in the charity shops of Oxford

Pre-Christmas personal-training sessions Letting rip on the dance floor at every opportunity

An extensive, expensive cheeseboard A super-strong stilton, served in mouse-sized rations

New hairdo New parting

New furniture An upholstery evening class

A weekly manicure Nails Inc’s long-lasting manicure

eBay.com freecycle.org

Having it all Having to choose the one, utterly perfect thing you just have to have this month

Investing in a new-season Gucci folk dress Wearing a skinny jumper under a summer smock

A new cashmere scarf Joining a knitting group

Splurging on the new super-cream Swotting up on department-store special offers

Sunday in Selfridges A Sunday set aside for self-reflection

Fashion Victims: The Catty Catalogue of Stylish Casualties, from A-Z by Michael Roberts The Wonderful Weekend Book: Reclaiming Life’s Simple Pleasures by Elspeth Thompson

Big statement jewellery Scouring a flea market for old costume jewellery

Member’s clubs Starting a book club

An afternoon flotation session An afternoon trip to the cinema on your own, complete with butterscotch ice cream

Going away with friends Having friends to stay

Lambda olive oil at £99 a bottle Adopting an olive tree through Nudo

Tickets to the new Cirque du Soleil show Throwing a circus-themed fancy-dress party

Using your hedge fund to buy a new wardrobe Setting up your own “crowd-funding” site to buy a new winter coat

Dressing the kids in Marie-Chantal knits Shrinking last year’s knits in the tumble dryer

Pretending you’re allergic to wheat Baking your own bread

Botox Detox


from http://women.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/women/fashion/article4954980.ece


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