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As I have an exceptionally long list of my favorite hotels around the world, I think it would be best if I gave you a list up until now, and after this point I’ll give you the obligatory Photo+Link+Why-I-Like-It entry. 


So here goes, my favorites for the past few months:


Merchant House Hotel-Tallinn, Estonia

The Three Sisters Hotel- also in Tallinn, Estonia

Bentley Hotel-Istanbul, Turkey

LUSH Hotel- also in Istanbul, Turkey

The Mediterranean Beach Hotel-Limassol, Cyprus

Londa Hotel- also in Limassol Cyprus

Lungarno Hotels- (throughout Italy)

The Mercer- NYC


and many more!

I’ll do full posts on all my favorite hotels NOT included in this list…





Tablet Hotels: Hotels for Global Nomads

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“The trusted source to discover and reserve boutique and luxury hotels worldwide.”


An amazing source for fabulous hotels, beautiful rooms and lovely location, at a (tolerable) price…ever need a place to stay? They have hotels all over the globe!

The Bentley Raven

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Bentley takes to the skies with this concept, a partnership beween the classic car company and Dror Benshetrit, Cory Grosser, and Sami Hayek… Though the concept was released  in 2007, the design is timeless and looks like the most comfortable design ever to hit the mainstream…

As a big traveler, I would probably kill to fly in one of these beauties. 

Check out the video at this link.





Pontouf 🙂

The Style Files: Les Bains De Docks

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Les Bains des Docks is a modern aquatic complex in Le Havre, France. It was designed by one of my faves, Jean Nouvel. It’s part of a larger revitalisation project of the city in hopes of turning the city into a destination spot…

I would KILL to go swimming in a place like this…it was inspired by the Roman Bath-Houses from the days of yore.. 

A beautiful place, I wish I had one like this in MY city!





House at Jardin del Sol

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Corona y P. Amaral Arquitectos from Spain have designed this beauty of a house. This is (no joke) one of the most amazing homes I have seen to date…the infinity pool, the exposed concrete, the giant windows, the VIEW!

If anyone wants to help me steal the identities of the people who live there and move to the Canary Islands…let me know!


ahh isn’t it gorgeous…  





Joanopolis House: Sao Paolo

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UNA Arquitetos has produced this gorgeous home in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It blends with the landscape, while being fully opened to the amazing views of its surrounding…

gorgeous! I want to live there!



Sandcastle Hotel

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The world’s first sand castle hotel opened at Weymouth Beach in Dorset (UK) this summer. The hotel was constructed from about 1000 tonnes of sand, the British sculptor Mark Anderson was commissioned by laterooms.com to create the hotel. For a mere $21 a night, guests can enjoy sleeping on a sand bed, bask in the summer sun and listen to the tide…


Sounds fabulous to me! Especially since it has been raining for the past few weeks…



Casa en Las Rozas: Madrid

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A beautiful house from Ábalos & Herreros… the website is in Spanish, and it’s been YEARS since I spoke any of that, so I am a little but fuzzy on the details, but here are some pics:

(from http://www.plataformaarquitectura.cl/2008/05/11/casa-en-las-rozas-madrid-abalosherreros/ )

Enjoy the “casa”



An Architecture Binge…

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So I have been on an Architecture binge lately, and most of my favorites (as always) are from Arch Daily, which is just one of the most fabulous architectural look-books out there… an easy-to-navigate blog that has the latest and greatest across the board, from homes to offices to hotels…they have it all.


Keep your eyes out for my faves! 



always, Pontouf


Architecture asks questions that the world needs to answer in order for the world to move ahead in a sustainable way

                       –CNN Architecture Special

First and foremost…

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I think it’s important to set the mood here at Pontiferous Design, 

with, of course, some Music!

WOXY Vintage is a 24/7 streaming channel from WOXY.com… It’s dedicated to the history of Modern Rock, Alternative and Punk music. The music spans over 30 years of auditory history, with innovative and influential music from The Velvet Underground, The Clash, Talking Heads, The Smiths, Depeche Mode and much more. Consider it your Modern Rock primer.

My all-time favorites:

::The National::Peter, Bjorn & John:: The Perishers:: Paul Hardcastle::Feist::Arcade Fire::Rachel Yamagata::


Hope you enjoy,